Monday, August 1, 2011

Despicable People, Toxic People

This is the most toughest time for many and most of us. This is the time to be more honorable, to be more generous and be more humane and helping each other. NO, not the despicable people.
These people are getting more uglier and behaving more greedier and more poorly now.
I ran across several of these people; and they burned me well. I let them, I should have known.
My good nature and my humble self let them take advantages of me.

However, I have come to my conclusion. I will no longer fret or get too upset. I will let the universe take the natural way and taking it's own course.

I know that these people will have to face their own KARMA's and their Karma's will them sooner or later.

I already saw the powerful Karma..... going around.....

So again, I am really learning, I am learning to stay clear of Despicable & Toxic people....

Jieranai Maier
1 August, 2011.