Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Goes Around - Comes Around

I posted a resume online. I added a job description to my resume for this company that I worked for.

Well, the owners and co-owners had litigations between each other and they even sent the deposition for me to go to court for one of them.

Well, after the court case the owner kept harassing me and sent me an email not to put his company name on my resume.

He finally got his attorney to send a letter to tell me to DESIST putting that company on my resume.

HARASSMENT IS A HARASEMENT!! No matter in which form of harassment.

One of the ex-owners of the company told me to sue them.

I will not waste my time and money for the lawyer, especially money.

I worked for a Japanese company in Tokyo and the manager told me that I am free to use him as a reference any time.

Oh well, some people are hardened by callous heart.

What goes around - comes around

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