Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bankruptcy, Fraud & KARMA.

Last week, I received a notice that the Bankruptcy released this woman from the $20,000 LOAN that she owed me and my son.

The thing is that the woman still owns her home, her car, her business (which she puts in her partner's name). She still travels all over in her business's name. Her daughter still goes to a PRIVATE School... She still continues to run a business here in the wine country as if nothing happened.

This woman and her sister owed investors over $850K+. They received over $700K and they supposed to spend the money on this venture, and nothing else. She and her sister promised everyone the SHARES of the BUSINESS interests, as well as the percentages of the OWNERSHIP OF THE BUILDING and land that the business operated on. Well, wait, she promised my son and me 30% ownership of the BUILDING AND & THE LLC. In the meantime, she already promised another investor 50% of the ownership of that same BUILDING that she conned $35,000 from.
That's 80% already. WAIT, she took another $500,000 from a rich investor (he lives in a $3,500,000 home in De Luz but it doesn't matter how rich he is) SO WHAT was the percentages that she promised him?? I heard she TOLD THE bankruptcy JUDGE that he was the 50% owner of the BUSINESS. Well someone send this *B* to math school???

So this C*S*T* LLC owed $35,000 to a lady who invested the money to this supposedly venture; it was to be a bed and breakfast, winery, with lots of wedding events; and wine tasting room.
(There is a court case filed by the investor that is pending - I have a copy of the filing)

She and her sister owed $20,00o to me and my son, as part of the investment of the LLC venture, this was (they told me) to pay off the $10,000 to the first investor lady and to pay the mortgage and fees for expansion of the business LLC venture.

Well, they receive $500K from another prominent investor to purchase the addition 5 acres of the vacant land next to the property, (so they could get the PERMIT to have events and weddings etc.,)

The investor TOLD ME THAT she told him that she gave the money to her brother. (He is in jail now for supposedly %(&%&B someone).
Instead of buying the flicin land, he took the money and spent this money to purchase stocks of the COMMUNITY COMMERCE BANK OF MURRIETA (The stocks went into in his name!!!!)

WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS AND LIARS......... The stocks are worth nothing now. The brother and the wife also filed for bankruptcy. The building was not part of his bankruptcy but IT IS now is in FORECLOSURE.

The venture went belly up because they could not get the permit to operate any events and weddings, they can not operate a winery or the wine tasting room, since they only have a little over 4 acres...............

She told me at the time that she was having a meeting with the SUPERVISOR *J*S* and he was working on getting her a fast track to get the temporary permit. (until they purchase additional land next door) WELL THE FLICKING MONEY $500K went to the brother instead...
Those flicking meetings? LIES, LIES, LIES...

This is plain FRAUD and DECEIT!


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